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Yeah, I know this is supposed to be about Purpa, but I have to do it

Michael Joseph Jackson
King of Hucksters

His "great amazing super awesome" talent consisted of doing a lame interpretation of amazing crap people were doing in clubs and on the street and stuff James did, and mixing Broadway garbage into that.  If that's great then there are a lot of him running around and there always has been.

His voice was blah as was his style.  His music was garbage.  You remove the cute history of him with his brothers and he'd be just another forgotten 80s act only unlike other forgotten acts no one would want to dust off his records.  His music was nothing more than the standard plastic uninspired junk that you hear at a dentist's office or that people slap together for lame movies.

He was just a prop.  It could have been anyone.  And videos were a major part of the murder of music, why anyone would want to celebrate that I do NOT know.

His style absolutely sucked and like his moves was stolen and bastardized.

He used every resource he had to transform himself from a(IMHO)biracial man to a white man and didn't mind risking his health to do so.  All of his children are white.  He regularly said things(which were recorded and released)about black men and women that would make a klansman wince.
He was a monster.  Everyone knows it, no guilty verdict is necessary.  How is it possible that THIS is a celebrated man?

To be totally honest, the first thing to cross my mind when I heard the news was that a victim had done what the justice system and public opinion had failed to do.

I'm not celebrating his death, but I'm not going to celebrate his life either.

Just my two cents.       

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